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This site will deconstruct itself quite soon.

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I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Love, wildness, joy..


PS: I’d rather have an erection than an election.


Hey y’all, I am gonna make you change your bookmarks for me now. I just got my new wordpress.org site going on my own webhost. You can find me there at:

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Now I can host my own blog, expand my options, and use a whole new theme!

See you there…

I still have some transfer work to do, but tonight I learned how to use FTP to upload files to my website, and I learned how to manage my own blog. That was the challenge of the evening.

See y’all tomorrow!


Perhaps tonight I will make the leap by switching the location of this blog over to its own website on my hosting program…

Time will Tell. Check back later on for updates.

Love, wildness, chaos, joy….


Done. I made it just before sunrise. By the way, around these parts, I measure my day as the distance between two sunrises, not the arbitrary and illusionary “midnight” date change operations at play around me.

I just got done sitting in the bathtub, with not water, with my clothes on….for one full hour. I dozde off a couple of times, but mainy I just asked myself the questions over and over.

1. What is going on here?

2. How did I end up here?

3. Why am I doing this?

Number one yielded sensory data, and told me that I could grow aware of more and more and more. An exercise in stepping outside of the realm of normal use values of the matter around me… I enjoy such things. A friend of mine, John Juan Matus I call him, called these little deliberate acts of illusion-breaking Not-Doings. They give a sorcerer an expanded perception and a broadended field of experience.

I started thinking that every house is already an abandoned house, and that living in houses is some kind of repeated patter, and that humans love their patterns oh so dearly. The bathtub could have been a basin, or a tank, or something else, to other occupants.

Question 2 yielded a trip in my mind, back through hearing about the book, buying it, the circumstances of being on an email group where the website for the book first appeared on my radar….Then, it amounted to everything that I had ever done in my life had led me to this experiment in the “bathtub.”

Question 3 made my mind wander and wander and wander. Why in the hell would I be doing this exercise, this not doing?

Then it hit me.

Just Because.


Ok, tonight, no matter what time I finish my work for the evening, I will be doing a Just Because Club experiment. What will it be? I will sit in the bathtub for one full hour, with no water in it. I have typed in the full text of the experiment below.

Just Because Club is one of the best books I have ever picked up on the subject of getting a whole new perspective on how I perceive supposedly common aspects of life.

This gets me thinking, how many of you readers out there have thought through all the things that you take for granted every single day? Take words, for example. We have a conceptual agreement to accept these little black marks as letters. Then, we accept various combinations of the familiar marks as words. On top of that, we accept a string of these words as a sentence, and then we imbue the whole thing with meaning. Doesn’t it feel strange to read words and sentences that describe sentences and words as just collections of little familiar black markings? I’m telling you, words don’t really exist. Concepts and ideas and agreements exist.

Enough of that for now.

Ask yourself about all the other things that you take for granted. A table, a bed, or a rug. Sure, they have common and familiar uses, but they are not what they seem. What if the common ways of using the things around us also serves to keep us in a kind of bondage?

Have you ever heard someone say, “You don’t use Object A that way, you use it this way!” as if each collection of matter with a linguistic label had a preordained and solitary function?

The situationists of 1960s France, inspired by the earlier Surrealist art movement, enjoyed a practice of removing objects from common usage and using them for something different. What if that piece of trash could be used for something else? What if the ways we define the objects and people around us keep us programmed and dutifully bound to the status quo? What the hell IS the status quo, anyway? Who turned out the lights?

Anyhow, here is the text of the Just Because Club experiment,


Yep, that’s the experiment. Be in an empty bathtub for one hour. You read correctly, sit or lay in an empty bathtub (sans water) for one hour. You may choose to do this with or without clothing. I find a bathtub can be quite chilly without the benefit of hot water. The choice is yours.

While you are lying in the tub ask yourself the following questions:

What is going on here?

How did I get here?

What am I doing?

Keep asking these questions throughout the hour. At the end of the hour, get out of the tub, make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit and drink the tea. Maybe have a nice faerie-cake or cookie. …”

So, that’s it. It is about 2:41 am now, so I have awhile before the sun rises, meaning I can still challenge myself to this experiment before tomorrow comes. Ahhhhhh.

Love, wildness, chaos, and joy.

Pictures and a report as soon as I finish. Anyone up checking this out right now? Send me shout!

Today, as mentioned, my girlfriend Sheila and I wandered around a canyon and up a mountaintop. We drove into Brentwood and found the road mentioned in the “Weird California” book. Just an hour ago, I found more websites with pictures of the ruins I had hoped to explore, but the Weird California book gave an incorrect address for the trailhead we needed.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I had originally planned on going to the hollywood cemetery, but remembered the story of the ruins in Rustic Canyon. So Sheila and I decided to check it out. There were “No Trespassing” signs in the direction of Rustic Canyon, as soon as we reached the bottom of the fire road. We went over them and down along a huge concrete basin structure, and down to another fenced area that said, “No Trespassing: Police Dogs..” Some chickens made noises as we got closer to the fenced area, and it seemed like it held structures and occupants, so we turned back.

In the other direction, the forest road continues into Sullivan Canyon for quite a long way. I don’t know how far, as we only walked a mile or so down it. Off into the woods on the right of the trail, we found a swing, hanging from the trees with thick rope. Check out the eerie videos of it:

The ruins we totally missed were on a road just a half mile or so away from us, but as I said, the Weird California book had successfully sent us on a goose chase.

Later, after swinging and hiking around a bit, a dude on his bicycle told about a drive up another road to a place that overlooks all of L.A. We drove there after dark, climbed up the drainage cement, and looked out over the millions of city lights. Helicopters and planes flew over the city. A giant, near-full moon hovered above the mountains to the southeast. What a beautiful night. More pictures for tomorrow. Too bad we missed the ruins…

It was fascinating to notice how wild it felt, even so close to the giant city.

Check out these sites about the place we tried to find. Another time perhaps.

Rustic Canyon
More on Herr Schmidt and the Murphy Ranch Ruins in Rustic Canyon


But I am not sure who yet. Today, I will make a pilgrimage with my girlfriend to L.A., to visit her mother in the hospital. The adventure for today is two-fold. First, I went over to Search Engine Fiction to check out their prompt for the week…

I used it here in my title. Funny, I don’t travel to the city often, and today, when I check back at their site, I have a trip to the city planned.

After the hospital visit, today’s adventure will take me to the Forestlawn Gardens cemetery. Later on this evening, I will share pictures, stories, and whatever else I decide to put up here.

Will I find out who loves me in the city? Time will tell.

Oh yeah, Jim, to answer your business card question….The card I found belonged to an esoteric freemason. That was before I ever even visited a lodge…

More on that later.

I’ll get back on here later on with news, updates, and pics.